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Winter in Lisbon - Portual
europe · 2024/02/18
I'm sure Lisbon is great summer destination but trust me it is also a wonderful place for a short getaway around Christmas and New year eve. Prepare for wonderful people, great sights, amazing food and delicious wine...

Comuna 13 - Medellin - Colombia
america · 2023/10/01
This place used to be one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world. Today it has become one of the main attractions in Medellin. Far away from its former reputation as a drug and violent poisoned area. Comuna 13 has to be on your list!

Budapest - Hungary
europe · 2023/06/12
The Hungarian capital is always worth a visit. No matter if you have only a two day weekend off or want to spend a whole week here - you will not get bored. Check out some of my favorite spots in the city on the Danube...

When in Rome - Italy
europe · 2023/03/06
The capital of Italy offers a huge variety of modern lifestyle, antique buildings, crazy good food and wonderful friendly people. I spent 8 nights in Rome and here you find some of my favorite places and restaurants...

10 Days in Barcelona - Spain
europe · 2022/03/11
Ocean meets big city. Old architecture meets modern street life. This city was on my bucket list for quite some time and in 2021 the time was right. Find out more about my trip to Barcelona and the experiences I made while running around the city for 10 days...

Pisa & Cinque Terre - Italy
europe · 2021/11/01
I got the chance to go to probably one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here are some stories about my trip to Cinque Terre and a little travel guide for your days in Pisa...

Alleys of Izola - Slovenia
europe · 2021/10/30
If you are from central Europe, this little town might be a good spot for a 2 to 3 day vacation. Get a clear head, have a glass of wine, some good food an linger around on the beautiful shore of the peninsula of Izola...

Things to do in Prague - Czech Republic
europe · 2020/12/18
This city didn't disappoint! I spent 8 days there and had a blast on every single one. The sights, the food, the people and the whole atmosphere is one of a kind. So if you get the chance, don't hesitate to visit the capital of the Czech Republic. Here are some reasons why you should in Prague at least once in your life...

Servus Munich - Germany
europe · 2020/11/20
Weißwurst, Brezn, Oktoberfest and Beer, are probably the first things coming to your mind when thinking about Munich. But the biggest city of Bavaria has so much more to offer! Here are some suggestions, for your perfect weekend in the beer capital...

The Carioca Experience - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
america · 2020/05/12
There are only a few cities in this world, I really could imagine living in...Rio de Janeiro is definitely one of them. Find out more about my trip to the crazy Cariocas, what it's like to walk on Copacabana Beach & what places you don't want to miss in Brazil's most beautiful metropolis...

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