Western Cape & Garden Route - South Africa
africa blog · 2021/02/18
Get into your rental car and hit the road. Looking for wide beaches, cliffs, rough sea, surf spots, ship wrecks, penguins, sharks, whales & elephants? Than this is the right spot for your next trip. Find out more about the my time in South Africa...

Things to do in Prague
europe blog · 2020/12/18
This city didn't disappoint! I spent 8 days there and had a blast on every single one. The sights, the food, the people and the whole atmosphere is one of a kind. So if you get the chance, don't hesitate to visit the capital of the Czech Republic. Here are some reasons why you should in Prague at least once in your life...

europe blog · 2020/11/20
Weißwurst, Brezn, Oktoberfest and Beer, are probably the first things coming to your mind when thinking about Munich. But the biggest city of Bavaria has so much more to offer! Here are some suggestions, for your perfect weekend in the beer capital.

europe blog · 2020/08/01
I only did 3 days in Triglav Nationalpark, but I could have stayed at least 14. This place, not far from my hometown is pure nature. Waterfalls, wonderful lakes, hike trails and wonderful canyons. A perfect place for a weekend trip in the middle of Europe.

america blog · 2020/07/30
Welcome to the caribbean ocean. This trip was one of a kind. Amazing beaches, wonderful food, lovely people everywhere and nature sights that will be stuck in your head forever. Here are some stories about burritos, sea turtles and the old Maya culture.

america blog · 2020/05/25
Ever wondered how it's like to live on a lake? Lake Titicaca in Peru gives you the answer. My trip took me from Cusco to Puno where I visited the Uru people and got to know how they manage there lifes on islands made of reed.

america blog · 2020/05/12
There are only a few cities in this world, I really could imagine living in...Rio de Janeiro is definitely one of them. Find out more about my trip to the crazy Cariocas, what it's like to walk on Copacabana Beach & what places you don't want to miss in Brazil's most beautiful metropolis.

america blog · 2020/04/25
Pretty much every backpacker has this place on the bucket list. Trust me, the way to the old Inca ruins is definitely worth it. Find out more about my trip to Peru and how I survived one hell of a trip in a night bus, how guinea pig tastes like, what I did in Cusco & how I got to Machu Picchu.

oceania blog · 2020/04/21
It is for sure one hell of a trip to get there, especially if you live in Europe. But it is worth every second. Australia is something special and so is Sydney. Here you find a little travel guide for your time in this amazing city. Find out that the famous Opera House isn't the only thing you wanna see when Down Under.

africa blog · 2020/03/10
Words can't express what this adventure showed me. I've never seen something comparable neither in poverty nor in beauty of nature. Find out more about my trip to Zambia and Zimbabwe

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