Spring Weekend - Berlin
europe · 2024/07/01
Berlin is one cool place. No matter if you are into historic sightseeing, party all night or just want to hang out go shopping and meet new cool people. The capital of Germany is always worth a visit.

Winter in Lisbon - Portual
europe · 2024/02/18
I'm sure Lisbon is great summer destination but trust me it is also a wonderful place for a short getaway around Christmas and New year eve. Prepare for wonderful people, great sights, amazing food and delicious wine...

The Colombian Caribbean
america · 2023/12/18
Besides crazy big cities, wonderful amazon rainforest and coffee plantations Colombia is offering also stunning beaches up north in the Caribbean Sea. Find out more about my trip to the northern tip of Colombia.

Comuna 13 - Medellin - Colombia
america · 2023/10/01
This place used to be one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world. Today it has become one of the main attractions in Medellin. Far away from its former reputation as a drug and violent poisoned area. Comuna 13 has to be on your list!

Salento - Colombia
america · 2023/09/26
When in Colombia, there is a place you don't want to miss. Salento is a tiny little village surrounded by coffee plants and wonderful south american jungle. Home of the highest palm trees in the world and for sure one of the most breathtaking places I've been in a while...

Innsbruck - Austria‘s mountain city
europe · 2023/08/18
The capital city of Tyrol, is next to Vienna, Hallstadt and Salzburg probably the most visited city in the small country of Austria. Surrounded by huge mountains the place has a lot more to offer then just hiking and winter sports...

Budapest - Hungary
europe · 2023/06/12
The Hungarian capital is always worth a visit. No matter if you have only a two day weekend off or want to spend a whole week here - you will not get bored. Check out some of my favorite spots in the city on the Danube...

When in Rome - Italy
europe · 2023/03/06
The capital of Italy offers a huge variety of modern lifestyle, antique buildings, crazy good food and wonderful friendly people. I spent 8 nights in Rome and here you find some of my favorite places and restaurants...

Waterfalls & Volcanoes - Indonesia
asia · 2023/02/02
Indonesia is famous for its impressive landscapes. Ricefields, enormous palm tree forests, active volcanoes and wonderful waterfalls. Here are some stories from my trip to Malang. Up Mount Bromo and down Waterfall Tumpak Sewu

Karimunjawa Island - Indonesia
asia · 2022/11/26
If you want to see special places, the roads are rough. It took me quite a while to get to this little paradise but all the traveling was absolutely worth it. For me, Karimunjawa is already on my top 5 destinations I did in my life. Read more about this wonderful archipelago in the Java Sea.

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