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The Colombian Caribbean
america · 2023/12/18
Besides crazy big cities, wonderful amazon rainforest and coffee plantations Colombia is offering also stunning beaches up north in the Caribbean Sea. Find out more about my trip to the northern tip of Colombia.

Comuna 13 - Medellin - Colombia
america · 2023/10/01
This place used to be one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world. Today it has become one of the main attractions in Medellin. Far away from its former reputation as a drug and violent poisoned area. Comuna 13 has to be on your list!

Salento - Colombia
america · 2023/09/26
When in Colombia, there is a place you don't want to miss. Salento is a tiny little village surrounded by coffee plants and wonderful south american jungle. Home of the highest palm trees in the world and for sure one of the most breathtaking places I've been in a while...